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Power signs

Pluto is one of the Planets in our solar system that has a generational influence. It takes between twelve and twenty-eight years for Pluto to pass through a single sign, so its effects are very broad and more likely to impact the world at large than any certain individual. Pluto is a transformational Planet. It rules the inevitable changes that take place in the cycle of life -- from birth to death and all the important decisions in between. The location of Pluto during one of its extended spans is important to you as an individual only if your personal birth chart has aspects to this Planet. The real influence of Pluto has to do with how your generation uses its power and handles new developments that sprout up through their lives.

Pluto in Capricorn excels at organization. This placement has watched over such historical events as the United States Declaration of Independence and the invention of the steam engine. The generation born under Pluto in Capricorn will likely be able to pick up after Pluto in Sagittarius' spiritual meanderings and create structure. This generation will be the type to make quilts out of leftover scraps of material and decorations from used wrapping paper. This generation will persevere in an effort to add some order to an unsystematic world. Any anarchy left over from previous generations will sift away to be replaced by a new code of law and order. The Pluto in Capricorn generation will take a strong, hands-on approach to guiding the world into a new era.

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