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Kiki T.
The most unlikely couple is emerging onto the scene: Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger. Said to be friends since forever, reports say they're falling in love. Holding hands and attending a Kennedy event recently, is this a couple that will get stronger together or fall apart soon enough? Despite their poorly aspected Sun signs -- Patrick a Virgo and Miley a Sagittarius -- their tight bond is their...
  • nov 17
    06:58 pm

    Love & Liam Hemsworth?

    The next installment of The Hunger Games opens this week, putting Liam Hemsworth back into the spotlight. Not since his engagement to Miley has he... read more
  • nov 13
    07:58 pm

    NeNe Leakes: Forever an Atlanta Peach?

    Season 8 of The Real of Housewives Atlanta is underway, with NeNe Leakes still going strong as the matriarch of the show. As the only original... read more
  • nov 12
    06:36 pm

    Britney in Love: Will It Last?

    Britney is off the market, revealing on Instagram she’s dating TV producer, Charlie Ebersol. Having shortly come out of a relationship, but set... read more
  • nov 7
    07:05 pm

    Jon Stewart as Director

    Jon Stewart’s directorial debut, Rosewater, comes out on November 14. As a man known for his humor and The Daily Show, this is a big break from... read more
  • nov 7
    05:28 pm

    What Keeps Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Together?

    Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are one of the most solid couples in Hollywood, and their wedded bliss also includes three sons. Now that they are on... read more
  • nov 3
    03:20 pm

    True Love for Katie Holmes?

    Katie Holmes is back. Having moved back to Hollywood, gracing the cover of People magazine, talking about falling in love and becoming a... read more
  • nov 2
    09:09 pm

    What is Dating Taylor Swift Like?

    Taylor has made it clear what her boyfriends have been like, building an entire career roasting her exes in song. However, that is only one side of... read more
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